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Past Weekend Leaders

KAIROS    Rector                  Outside Coordinator

#1           Steve Reams                   Zola Schlegel

#2           Tim Piland                     Joyce Piland

#3           Gene Hrndrix                 Jan Tarraferro

#4           David Drake                  Davina Douglas

#5           Jimmy Davidson            Susan Griffith

#6           John Hollingsworth        Claudia Sanchez

#7           Tom Martin                   Brenda Martin

#8           David Higgins                Tina Sanders

#9           Mark Clise                     Davina Douglas

#10         Stan Edwards                David Smith

#11         David Miller                   Frieda Koehn

#12         Ferd Koehn                   Tona Trotter

#13         Pete Bryan                    Elosie Boone

#14         Gary Scherf                   Lavina Casbeer

#15         Rich Little                      Carol Sessom

#16         Derek Hollingsworth       Glenda Hollingsworth

#17         Gary Galant                   Mel Anthony

#18         Hans Borm                    Kathy Raymond

#19         Phil Kennedy                 Lisa Kennedy

#20         Robert Dillard                Frieda Koehn

#21         Joe Beach                     Linda Borm

#22         Fred Cross                    Nancy Higgins

#23         Alex Knowlton               Deanna Knowlton

#24         Jordan Post                   Dorthy Freeman

#25         Michael Block                Liz Meredith

#26         Randy Kiser                  Amanda Post

#27         Daniel Hernandez          Carolyn Dickson

#28         Phillip Wright                Evanet & Gary Gallant

#29         Jeff Sefcik                     Linda Borm

#30         Clint Kuhlmann              Ferd & Frieda Koehn

#31         David Kerry                   Margie Kiser

#32         Gary Dickson                 Tim Piland

#33         Jerry Sefcik                   Carolyn Dickson

#34         David Mikulik                 Evanet Gallant & Dora Beach

#35         Will Wilde                      Tona Calvert


As of Jan. 1, 202


David Kerry - Advisory Council Chair -

Clint Kuhlmann - Vice Chair -

Nancy Higgins - Secretary -

Evelyn Gallant - KairosDonor Coord/Fin Secy -

Mary Ann Masters - Treasurer -

Gary Dickson - Institutional Laison -

Jim Palmer - Outreach/Recruiting Coordinator -

Fred Cross - Fundraising/Sponsorship Coordinator -

Rich Little - Agape Coordinator -

Gary Gallant - Clergy/Spiritual Director -

Tim Piland - Continuing Ministry Coordinator -

Jeff Sefcik - Data Coordinator -

Lavina Casbeer - Communications Coordinator -



Early life

Marion Price Daniel Sr (properly Marion Price Daniel II) was born October 10, 1910 in Dayton, Texas, to Marion Price Daniel Sr (1882–1937) and Nannie Blanch Partlow (1886 –1955), in Liberty Texas. He was the eldest child. Sister Ellen Virginia Daniel was born in 1912, and brother William Partlow Daniel in 1915. As a teenager he was a reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. He put himself through law school at Baylor University by working as a janitor and dishwasher and by working at the Waco News Tribune. He received his degree from Baylor in 1932. After graduation he established his own practice in Liberty County and often accepted livestock and acreage for his fees.


Marion Price Daniel, Sr. (October 10, 1910 – August 25, 1988), was a Democratic U.S. Senator and the 38th Governor of the state of Texas. He was appointed by President Lyndon B. Johnson to be a member of the National Security Council, Director of the Office of Emergency Preparedness, and Assistant to the President for Federal-State Relations. Daniel also served as Associate Justice of the Texas Supreme Court

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