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Upcoming KAIROS Weekend



October 5-8, 2023

Will Wilde - Team Leader



Tona Calvert - Outside Coordinator

Jim Palmer - Observing Team Leader - KAIROS #36 April 11-14, 2024


Ongoing Events

KAIROS Prayer and Share


KAIROS Prayer and Share is held each Monday afternoon, 4-6 PM. All volunteers (male) should be checked in at the Adminstration Building (Central), by 3:30 PM. TDCJ will provide an officer to escort the volunteers to the chapel.

Prayer and Share - Volunteers

1st Monday - Snyder Volunteers

2nd Monday - Robert Dillard / Clint Kuhlmann

3rd Monday - Ballinger Volunteers

4th Monday - San Angelo Volunteers

5th Monday - Wall Volunteers


Price Daniel Unit - (325) 573-1114 Chaplain Tom Ross

KAIROS #35 Team Meetings



Team Meeting Schedule

August 12--8 am-4 pm Christian Church of San Angelo

August 26--8 am-4 pm First Baptist, Snyder

September 8--6 pm-9 pm St Ambrose, Wall

September 9--8 am-4 pm St Ambrose, Wall

September 23--8 am-4 pm First Baptist, Ballinger

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Can't help on the weekend but want to attend the closing, print and complete this form.

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