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Upcoming KAIROS Weekend



March 23-26, 2023

David Mikulik - Weekend Leader

Evanet Gallant / Dora Beach - Outside Coordinators

Will Wilde - Observing Rector


Ongoing Events

KAIROS Prayer and Share


KAIROS Prayer and Share is held each Monday afternoon, 4-6 PM. All volunteers (male) should be checked in at the Adminstration Building (Central), by 3:30 PM. TDCJ will provide an officer to escort the volunteers to the chapel.

Prayer and Share - Volunteers

1st Monday - Snyder Volunteers

2nd Monday - Robert Dillard / Clint Kuhlmann

3rd Monday - Ballinger Volunteers

4th Monday - San Angelo Volunteers

5th Monday - Wall Volunteers


Price Daniel Unit - (325) 573-1114 Chaplain Tom Ross

KAIROS #33 Team Meetings



Team Meeting Schedule

Meeting dates and locations are in progress of being determined. Contact Jerry Sefcik for more information.


Click on button below for team app

Can't help on the weekend but want to attend the closing, print and complete this form.

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